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Cosmetic tattoo Beauty Therapist Melbourne

Microblading / Feathering Brows

Powdering / Ombre Brows Combination Brows Eyebrow Microblading (also known as eyebrow tattooing and Feather Touch Technique – feathering) has exploded in the beauty scene in recent years! This is a semi-permanent tattooing of the eyebrow which creates a very natural looking eyebrow using a hand-held Microblade that creates fine hair like strokes of pigment into the first layer of your skin. These thin lines flow in the same direction as your own eyebrow hairs to achive full and natural results that can bring you confidence and save you time every day on trying to draw your eyebrows.

Cosmetic tattoo Beauty Therapist Melbourne

Powdering / Ombre Brows

Powdering/ ombre brows is one of the most popular techniques which has been received to wide acclaim across the beauty industry, amongst professionals and clients alike. The method involves the subtle dispersing of pigment into the upper layers of brows’ dermis, gently enhancing the shade of your natural brows.Overall, this technique is characterised by rather elegant and delicate final outcome. Ombre brows are recommended for clients who prefer only slight shading as opposed to the more pronounced final effect that other methods achieve.have been a huge trend in makeup and tattooing. We create a softer shaded tattoo at the bridge of the nose continuing on with a bolder brow for definition. Can give you make up looking and longer lasting results. Suitable for everyone especially those with oily skin.

Cosmetic tattoo Beauty Therapist Melbourne

Combination Brows

Combination brows is the perfect eyebrow look for absolutely everyone. A mix of Microblading or feathering eyebrows and powder eyebrows or Ombre eyebrows together to create the “hair look ” at the start of the eyebrows but also combines a shading technique in the middle and tail of the eyebrows. This look not only appears natural but gives the “perfect makeup look’

Cosmetic tattoo Beauty Therapist Melbourne

Eyebrows Tattoo Correction

Eyebrow Tattoo Correction is a procedure for helping clients to fix their eyebrows that they are not happy with ( like uneven brows, turned red/grey/blue brows or not the ideal shape) but for this procedure I need to look at your eyebrows first to see if that’s possible to fix them. Like if you tattooed your eyebrows more 4-5 years but the colour is still very dark, maybe you will need to do a colour removal first.

Cosmetic tattoo Beauty Therapist Melbourne

Eyeliner Tattooing / Lash Enhancement / Permanent Eyeliner

This technique involves embedding numerous pigmentation dots in between the natural lashes on the top and bottom eyelid. I recommend Lash Enhancer for clients who wish to visually enlarge the top- or the bottom eyelid without too dramatic will make your eyes looks bigger, so Lash Enhancer technique is perfect for clients who wants to emphasise eye colour or creates the illusion of thick and fuller lashes without a fake final effect . Perfectly designed eye makeup enhances the eyes’ contour and shape and can visually enlarge smaller eyes or adjust the size of bigger eyes. Great for those that struggle daily to get their wings perfectly placed!

Cosmetic tattoo Beauty Therapist Melbourne

Full Lips Blush / Lip Tattooing / Lips Tint / Permanent Lip Colour

Lips blush procedure will Enhance the natural lip colour to improve definition to create the fullness. Most natural look and great for those who are comfortable with their lips shape but want to match your natural lip colour or very similar to your own lips colour. And also suitable for clients who often wear lip makeup and are looking to further enhance the plumpness and colour intensity of the lips. It is ideal for those who always wear lipstick and want to improve the fullness and colour. The procedure involves blending pigment tailored to our clients preferred lip shade with the choice of either more definition or a natural look colour. You can still wear lipstick after lips blush.